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Swim Types shows you the six fundamental styles triathletes and swimmers use to swim freestyle. It's a totally new angle on swim coaching. Discover your type and we'll show you how to become faster and more efficient through the water.
What's Your Swim Type?

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Its a really great website... really useful for those who dont have a coach
Once again the swim smooth coaches have put together a superb way for swimmers and triathletes to be better!
SS are Expert Consultants to the BTF. Click to find out more.

Stroke Fault: Crossover

Most Likely: Arnie, Bambino, O-glider

Unlikely: Smooth

Swim Types isn't a new way of swimming - it sits comfortably alongside authentic swim coaching.

scissor kick
Stroke Fault: Scissor Kick

Most Likely: Arnie, Overglider

Unlikely: Smooth, Kicktastic

What about Mr Smooth? He demonstrates the Smooth Type of course!

thumb first entry
Stroke Fault: Thumb First Entry

Most Likely: Arnie, Swinger

Unlikely: Smooth

To improve your stroke, download one of our stroke correction guides
coaches: swim types brings your stroke correction into sharp focus
As you'll see, swimmers with the same swim type share common personality traits.
media: put Swim Type information and images on your website.
the swim types cover the entire range of swimming abilites

Swim Types explains how your body type, build and swimming experience affects your swimming technique

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Swim Smooth are proud to have been selected as Coaching Consultants to the British Triathlon Federation
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swim smooth - the home of great swimming technique

about swim smooth

Hi there and welcome to Swim Smooth! You know, when I left England in 2001 and became head coach to Australia's largest triathlon club, I encountered a frustrating problem. I felt we were doing a great job of improving our swimmers' strokes and were getting some brilliant race results but there was never enough time to properly explain the methods we were using to our squad swimmers.

My solution was to produce our first Stroke Correction DVD and Swim Smooth was born. It was an instant hit with our swimmers and then with a wider audience around the world.

That was way back in 2004. Since then as Swim Smooth has grown, we've been careful to nurture what's important to us: an individual approach to stroke correction (because everyone's bodies vary considerably, as you might have noticed!); an open minded sharing philosophy (please take a good look around the site); and a solid foundation of coaching methods from elite swimming and triathlon. But our greatest goal is true to the original concept: to clearly show you, the swimmer, how to improve your swimming whatever your level.

I have a request for you: if you enjoy and benefit from Swim Smooth, please spread the word about us. If you have any suggestions, queries or feedback for the Swim Smooth team, please write to us at feedback@swimsmooth.com - we'd love to hear from you.

Enjoy your time in the water!

Paul Newsome
Head Coach, Swim Smooth

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swim smooth are official coaching consultants to the BTF

btf coach ed

The BTF recognises Swim Smooth's expertise in stroke correction and squad training

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BTF Announcement
October 2010

Swim Smooth are very pleased to announce they have been appointed Swimming Coaching Consultants to the British Triathlon Federation (BTF).

In this unique role we work closely with the BTF to develop their Coach Education Programmes and deliver advanced level coaching courses to their coaches.

What does this mean to you, the swimmer? You can be assured we offer world class stroke correction methods as recognised by the UK's triathlon governing body. These methods are embedded in the Swim Type System and every Swim Type Guide.

View the official BTF Press Release here.

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