What’s Your Swim Type?

Swim Types shows you the six fundamental styles triathletes and swimmers use to swim freestyle. It’s a totally new angle on swim coaching

Discover your type and we’ll show you how to become faster and more efficient through the water. As endorsed by British Triathlon and the International Triathlon Union.

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Swim Types Concept

Discover your swimming

Swim Types gives you an overall blueprint for your stroke, showing you how it fits together as a whole. Once you haw identified your type the Swim Type system becomes very powerful because it gives you highly accurate, targeted advice to improve your individual stroke. Many swimmers are frustrated that the stroke technique advice they have received has not helped their swimming.

Despite their hard work their swimming speed and efficiency hasn’t improved a much as they would like. Swim Types shows you that this happens when that well meant advice is better suited to another type of swimmer.

Swim Types shows you six fundamental styles – or types – of stroke. Each type is distinct with different underlying stroke issues. Our deep understanding of each type is contained in our Stroke Correction Guides. The guides – one for each type – give you the understanding, techniques, drills and training sessions you need to improve your swimming.

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Swim Smooth is pleased to announce that we have been appointed Swimming Coaching Consultants to the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and British Triathlon Federation (BTF). In this unique role we work closely with both governing bodies to develop their Coach Education Programmes and deliver advanced level coaching courses to their coaches.

What does this mean to you, the swimmer? You can be assured we offer world class stroke correction methods as recognised by these two world class governing bodies for triathlon. These methods are embedded in the Swim Type System and every Swim Type Guide. Quality coaching assured!

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Discover your swimming

SS are Expert Consultants to the BTF

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Discover your swimming

Its a great website… really useful for those of you who don’t have a coach

Discover your swimming

Once again, the Swim smooth coaches have put together a superb way for swimmers and triathletes to be better !

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