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All the information you need to correct your stroke based on your swim type!

After discovering your Swim Type, start your journey towards better freestyle by purchasing one of our Stroke Correction & Training Guides – there’s one for each of the Swim Types. The guides are supplied as an instant digital download to your computer so you can get to work within minutes!

Each guide is an 18 to 23 page Adobe Acrobat (PDF) document, which you can easily view on your computer or print out.

Priced at £12 / US$20 / AUS$20 / CAN$20 / €17 the guides offer amazing value for money.

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All Guides are supplied in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format as an instant digital download to your email inbox.
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ARNIE Stroke Correction & Training Guide

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BAMBINO Stroke Correction & Training Guide

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KICKTASTIC Stroke Correction & Training Guide

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OVERGLIDER Stroke Correction & Training Guide

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SWINGER Stroke Correction & Training Guide

Swim Smooth’s Swim Types:

SMOOTH Stroke Correction & Training Guide

Swim Smooth’s Swim Types:

COACHES PACK Guide All 6 Swim Types

Each Swim Types Guide Contains :

  • A complete “Blueprint” of your stroke, showing you how it fits together as a whole with all the characteristics and nuances unique to your type. We will highlight things that are happening in your stroke that you may not be aware of.
  • A clear step by step process to follow to develop your individual stroke. This gets you tightly focused on the individual things you need to work on in your swimming, which might be very different from other swimmers. Very importantly we cut out all the clutter here, removing all the methods that you don’t need to concern yourself with because either they are well developed in your swimming already or are not suitable for you to develop yet. This greatly simplifies things for you and accelerates your development as a swimmer.
  • Details of all the drills and visualisations you need to develop your stroke, all specific to your Swim type. These are supplied with clear explanations and plenty of pictures, so that you can easily introduce them to your swimming sessions. We’ll tell you exactly what each drill is for, what you are looking for when you perform it and how it will influence your full freestyle stroke.
  • Common pitfalls to avoid specific to your stroke type. Some of these are caused by each types unique physical characteristics, whilst others stem from personality traits common to each type.
  • Four complete stroke development sessions to take to the pool and follow. Each contains the right drills and fitness workgiven your level of experience, stroke style, speed and physical characteristics. Following these sessions will have you making big strides forwards.
  • A clear pathway to take your swimming forwards in the long term. Different Swim Types naturally develop in different directions with their stroke technique. Well show you how to move towards an ideal stroke for you given your height, build, strength, personality and experience.

Guide for a Complete Type

Each guide is easy – and fun – to follow. This is the Kicktastic Guide.

What People Are Saying

This is great information and advice for open water swimmers. What a creative and easy-to-understand format! What is most amazing to me is that you have visually captured the essence, strengths and weaknesses of different types of freestyle swimming.

Steven Munatones,

Ten-Time USA National Open Water Swim Coach & International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer

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