Swim Types: Coaches

Bring your stroke correction methods into sharp focus

Swim Types gives you stroke correction further insight.

We are sure you’ve been there – looking at a swimmer’s stroke and wondering where to begin? Perhaps unsure what’s at the root of their problems?

Swim Smooth’s Swim Types gives you insight into any swimmer’s stroke, fast tracking you to the underlying issues in their technique. And furthermore, providing you with tried and tested methods to effectively develop their swimming.

As you get to know the system you’ll find it easy to identify a swimmer’s type very quickly, simply from watching them swim. In fact just from talking to a swimmer it’s often possible to take a highly educated guess of their Swim Type.

Whilst very powerful, the Swim Types system has limits. Of course not every swimmer fits a type perfectly and it’s possible to have cross-breeds between two types. We’re not suggesting that you throw out all your stroke correction knowledge and start again. Quite the opposite, Swim Types sits happily alongside conventional swim coaching and complements it. The power of the system is that it brings the process of analysis, identification and resolution into sharp focus.

If you’re an experienced swimming coach we’re sure that you will have noticed common characteristics between swimmers. It’s likely you employ certain methods that you find work well with particular strokes and personalities. From doing that we’re sure you’ll appreciate how we’ve developed this system. We hope that Swim Types helps solidify some of these ideas and methods in your own mind.

Diagnosing Swim Types

To help swimmers identify their type, you may find it useful to refer them to our Swim Type Questionnaire on our Type Identification page.

However, the most accurate way to identify a type is simply to watch a swimmer in action – from the information on this site you’ll soon be able to identify the six types very easily. You might like to make use of our Observation Sheet on the Type Identification page.

Swim Types is the brainchild of Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome

Swim Smooth’s Swim types:

COACHES PACK Guide All 6 Swim Types

Swim Types Guides – Coaches Pack

On this site swimmers can purchase our Stroke Correction Guides for their individual type. These contain a full explanation of their stroke type, clearly show them what they need to work on and provide them with key training sessions to correct their strokes.

For coaches, we offer a special pack of all six guides so that you have all our stroke correction methods at your fingertips, whatever stroke type you encounter.

The Swim Smooth Coaches Network

As you may have seen on the main Swim Smooth website we operate an international network of swimming coaches. This allows us to share our knowledge and experiences with other coaches for the benefit of all. The network is entirely free and open to any coach or enthusiastic prospective coach.

Coaching with the Swim Types system is like having our coaching team’s combined experience with you as you work.